Explore Heber-Overgaard's Extraterrestrial Adventure Hub

Get ready to embark on a thrilling UTV adventure that transcends the ordinary. Join UTV Offroad Adventures for the Fire in the Sky event at AJ’s Getaway RV Family Campground in Heber-Overgaard. From this captivating location, you'll immerse yourself in the beauty of this region and uncover the mysteries it holds.

Location: AJ’s Getaway RV Family Campground Address: 3537 Buckskin Rd, Overgaard AZ 85933

All the excitement, camaraderie, and adventure of the Fire in the Sky event will be centered at AJ’s Getaway. This scenic campground serves as the heart of the action, providing a hub for all activities, registration, camping, and guided rides. Whether you're a seasoned UTV enthusiast or a newcomer to off-roading, AJ’s Getaway is your gateway to an unforgettable experience.

Unveil the Wonders of Heber-Overgaard

Heber-Overgaard is more than a destination; it's an invitation to explore, discover, and reconnect with nature. As you venture through this captivating region, you'll be greeted by cool Ponderosa Pines, towering mountains, and a vibrant community eager to share their love for adventure.

Join us at AJ’s Getaway RV Family Campground for the Fire in the Sky event, where you'll experience exhilarating guided trail rides, exciting activities, and a warm sense of camaraderie. This is your chance to create memories that will last a lifetime and uncover the unique charm that Heber-Overgaard has to offer.